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We'll Make Sure Mold is No Problem

If water damage is left unchecked or a leak goes unnoticed, there is a serious risk of developing a mold problem. In these situations, moisture builds up and microbial growth occurs. This growth can happen in a variety of ways. The team at Baycraft Restoration LLC can easily find out the severity of your situation and solve the problem today.

  • Assess the situation

  • Set-up and contain the affected areas to prevent exposure

  • Filter air with our specialized equipment

  • Completely remove of mold and contaminated materials

  • Detailed cleaning of remaining materials

Our mold remediation plan

Baycraft Restoration offers post-remediation verification for properties that have gone through a mold remediation and removal process. We recommend a verification in every situation and would be more than happy to perform verifications on buildings that we have not previously handled.


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Post-remediation verification

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We follow IICRC EPA guidelines!